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Personal, Professional and Organizational Growth Solutions

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Keep Growing

Are you ready to take control of your life and your career?

I am passionate about supporting young professionals  who want to become confident and successful in the corporate world. I partner with them who feel overwhelmed in unfulfilling lives, personalizes their coaching program and supports them in finding their purposes and moving them closer to the lives they want to have.

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Growth Solutions

Just Imagine You Can Have It All 

Coaching is a process with high stakes: happiness. People come to be coached because they want to be happy or happier. As your coach, I can help you release yourself from unsatisfying and unpleasant circumstances, and show you what you’re capable of achieving. I can help you increase self-awareness – help you find out where you are and find ways to move forward.


Hi , I'm  Galina and this is
My Way Up

Before the MyWayUp  journey , I  was working as senior executive for one of the world’s largest tech company for 12+ years. I led medium and large teams of highly capable and motivated individuals, opened international offices, and developed leadership programs and courses.
I worked and lived on several continents, and coached and trained in numerous countries including USA, Australia, UK , China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Germany and Hungary.  Which helps me understand international goals and success.
I am a professional coach, group facilitator and workshop leader.
And I am mother of two, professional swimmer and triathlete.


ICF Professional Coach and Marshall Goldsmith Certified

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The Coaching Process

Coaching is about moving you from feeling lost and stuck to finding confidence and purpose. It is a journey to your inner world, discovering the wisdom that already resides within you. My approach is based on the belief that you hold the answers within yourself, and that you have the power to make your life how you want it to be. As your coach, I guide you on this journey and help you look at your beliefs. I partner with you to define your dreams and support you in making them a reality.

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What People Say


Szuzsa Essa


I have been working with Galina for the past 8 years and she always manages to amaze me with her ability to reinvent herself.  This is not different with her coaching adventure either.  She is able to build a connection in a few seconds and always brings out the best in me.I struggled sometimes to detach myself emotionally from certain situations and often became very judgmental because of it.Our conversations and her ability to ask the right questions at the right time has helped me to self evaluate and take a step back. This had a positive effect on my personal and professional life as well. It helped me identify my goals in life, discover hidden areas of my personality that I wasn’t even aware of.  I feel extremely grateful to have had these sessions and wish for everyone to have the same experience.


Iris Chang


When you get Galina as your coach, you're not just getting someone with a coaching certificate and textbook theories. You'll get someone who is able to guide on a wide spectrum of leadership and personal growth topics as she has real life career experience, excellent communication skills and wide knowledge and interest on many things, including spirituality - which I find very holistic and able to connect with me on many levels. Galina is also able to lead me to have frank conversations, to keep me honest. She pushes me when it is needed (..but never off the cliff) and always providing me the keys to unlock my own solutions. For that, I truly appreciate and would recommend her highly.


Amele Medjebeur


I felt totally overwhelmed and I had lack of clarity before I met Galina. I felt like I was stagnant or trapped in a vicious circle. Today I feel a lot more grounded. I feel like I was given the tools to navigate through life and make it how I want it. I feel at peace. I feel more confident, I have clearer personal and professional goals. 

I love every step in my coaching journey. It has been a wonderful experience learning about myself. It felt like opening a treasure box.

It is the greatest investment to make for your own self. It guarantees a better life and connects you to yourself and others on a whole new level.


Sammy Elazab


I have been lucky enough to have been working with Galina as my coach since the beginning of 2020. Initially, i was fairly cynical about the whole concept of coaching but i more than happy to confess that i was wrong. Since working with Galina she has helped me both professionally and personally. I believe our sessions have helped me become a better employee, manager, husband and parent. I was so blown away by the progress I had made that i too wanted to learn some of her skills and ended up taking a training course to become a life coach. I couldn't recommend her services anymore for anyone looking to take control of the next steps in journey.

Work with Me

Anyone who is seeking for clarity, focus and accountability. Anyone who wants to find their purpose in life. Anyone who wants to move closer to the life they really want to have.


If that is YOU…. Reach out now and start your journey to having it all!

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