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Coach Certification Program
Level 1 (ACC) & Level 2 (PCC)

Lead Differently

Lead your team to Success

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Become an ICF CERTIFIED Coaching Leader

What is ICF ?

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The International Coaching Federation is the leading global organization for coaches and coaching.  The ICF is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.   

Why get an ICF Credential ?

  • Certified coaching managers receive higher scores in employee engagement.

  • Shows commitment to the coaching profession, and build industry credibility.

  • Become more effective in working with stake holders and influencing people.

  • Highest level of training, competency and ethics.

  • ICF credentials provide coaches with recognition as coaching professional.

  • ICF provides accredited training, coaching hours, assessment and compliance with standards of practice.

  • TRUST for your clients working with a qualified coach.


Key elements of the Course

  • 6 months program

  • A personal intake interview

  • 18x fully Live 3-hours online classroom sessions

  • 10x Mentoring sessions

  • 5x feedback sessions from Mentor Coaches

  • Final coaching recording assessment

  • Access to our Online Learning Environment (review slides, videos & resources)

  • Learn from your peer professionals through our mentoring process

  • Hands-on practice and live feedback from mentor coaches

  • 66 ICF accredited training hours 

Here's what you'll learn!

  • Coaching Qualities
    ​Power of self-awareness and feedback. Structure, flow, and being present. Neuroscience & coaching. ​Brain waves impact on human behavior.
  • Coaching Skills
    Trust, safety, permission and feelings Authenticity and building trust 5 levels of communication Deep listening Powerful questioning Confidentiality Mindful executive presence Story-telling and identity Reframing The role of reflection The importance of goals/objectives Chemistry check Dialogue-structured conversation Externalization Cleaning the vessel Team coaching and group coaching Journey to mastery Coaching for transitions Coaching for change and transformation
  • Coaching Models and Tools
    ​Pre- and post-coaching stakeholder interviews Who determines stakeholders? GROW model Should vs. Want Model Employee-owned change/EOC model MFB model QAQ flow model ABL life conditions 6most influential methods that have contributed to coaching MMS coaching structure
  • Coaching Process
    ​Pre- and post-coaching stakeholder interviews Creating the context for coaching Increase awareness, purposes and action Coach/Client relationship Stakeholder involvement Goal-setting and alignment Creating and keeping momentum Program and session durations Interim and final reviews Validation of improvements/ ROI assessment Sample 1:1 coaching structure, session notes and final report
  • Personal Branding as a Coach
    ​How do people perceive you as a person and a coach? Your area of invested expertise Your vision as a coach and your role model Homework of developing your being and centeredness Ongoing development as a coach Coach supervision Forming your own coaching circle Recommended readings and other resources Life after the program

Who is this course for?

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  • Leaders who want to develop teams

  • Managers who want to become leaders 

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners 

  • Aspiring Life coaches  

  • Aspiring Executive coaches

  • You, when you are passionate about personal development, the success of others, and building a coaching culture. 

  • And want to pursue and obtain an ICF Coaching credential. 

Trained and Coached professionals at:


What YOU can do after this course

  • Coach based on the 8 Core Competencies set by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

  • Ability to ask deeper questions that drive real change.

  • Use solution-focused Coaching skills and frameworks.

  • When to Coach and when to Mentor Design strategy to coach under time pressure and deadlines.

  • Further heighten your awareness even if you think you have exhausted all options.

  • Enhance your listening skills (even if you think you’re already a good listener).

  • Complete 100 coaching hours , and you can take the CKA Exam, and get Level 1 Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Coach Trainers

Join live and interactive online classroom sessions

What the 6 Months look like!


No prerequisites needed!

Come with some strong motivation and a desire to become a better version of yourself and a more effective leader to build teams, attract new talents, & retain them!

Coach Certification Program: Testimonials

What People Say


Zsuzsanna Janos


The program led by Galina was refreshing, felt challenged by it every step of the way. Not just personallyBut professionally as well. It allowed me to take account of my way of living, being and gain a differentperspective on how I deal with the events in my life and how I show up.
I also thought that by now I have a very good skillset for coaching, but I discovered that I knew so little. Ilearnt to suspend my judgment in a conversation, that my advice is not what is needed most of the timebut instead be there to guide the people with powerful questions. Learnt to be mindful and aware of my energy, how to ground myself and be fully present.
Was able to learn new tools for my leadership and personal life as well. But the best bit was being
surrounded with people that are there to get to know themselves as well. It was a very diverse group,with different life experiences, backgrounds but the genuine common interest of being better, more aligned and rooted in our values bonded us.
And of course, this bonding is possible because Galina creates a very save environment, where we were all comfortable to share our thoughts and feelings. The topics are infused with great personal stories and experiences of Galina and many examples drawn from her coaching practice.
I highly recommend the program for anyone who is interested In self-discovery, or if you are inspiring to be a coach but also for any leaders that are striving to lead with authenticity.


Inga Oleksy


The training was incredibly interactive, inspiring and truly transformative.  Each seminar included a life coaching session, providing very practical and mesmerizing demonstrations of the coaching skills we were working towards. We were provided extensive reading list and a wealth of additional resources, while requested to embrace a mindful lifestyle, with daily exercises and weekly feedback. Designed on the ICF standards, this course gave us a solid foundation on a path towards attaining the ICF accreditation.  The course offered ample mentoring and multiple 1:1 sessions with the trainer, who provided clear direct individualized feedback. That feedback consisted of impressive mix of compassionate, supportive supervision and emphasis on reaching the ICF criteria. The MMS training was definitely my best personal development investment, towards reaching ICF-level coaching excellence. As I embark on my personal coaching journey I continue to reflect on it regularly with tremendous gratitude for MMS and its key trainer, Ms.Galina Kalinina. I look forward to staying in touch and look forward to further  engagement with this inspiring trainer. 


Liz Bay


I particularly liked the the theory + coaching session where Galina jumps in as needed to help with the coaching session and the feedback on my actions/questions/thoughts during the practice session. The ability to see people in action doing the practice and reflect on myself.

I improved  my communication, the initial stage of practicing on how to be a coach, talk to my team about growth mindset and to avoid the victim mindset. This mindset is extremely important as it allows someone not to feel trapped in a situation.  The practiced coaching sessions have also helped me realised and discover some struggles and challenges that I faced at work and I am able to work that out with my manager.

It's a must go and no regrets guaranteed session. In my day to day, I do observe that so many managers should be attending this session.


Paula Machado


The work of a coach is, for me, an honor! You have a great impact on people's lives. So this means that you want to have not only the best ICF practices but also all the soft skills that would mark the difference when you start to coach people. And this can only happen if you choose the right coaching program. Galina and Lenka are amazing coaches with open hearts full of love. And this makes the difference! From the awesome and diverse group of people that were part of the class to the safe and trustful environment and the supportive and fun way of teaching. I have gained so many skills and created new relationships and different perspectives. I could apply what I had learned not only in my coaching practice but in my personal life as well. I completed the program 6 months ago, and till now, I feel that their energy is what makes me keep going even on those days that I feel lost. This is what you want from a program! And I can tell you as a new ACC coach, that has started my own business 6 months ago, choosing Galina and Lenka made all the difference. If you are looking for a special and unique coaching program, Galina and Lenka are your go-to.  I am so grateful to both of them for allowing me to live this experience in such a lovely way.

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Start Your Journey!

6 May 2023 - 23 Sep 2023

18x  live Sessions (Saturdays)

Class Times 1:45 PM SGT (Singapore)

Ready to take you and your team to the next level!

Coach Certification Program Level 1 (ACC Level)


  • 6 months program

  • A personal intake interview

  • 18x fully Live 3-hours online classroom sessions

  • 10x Mentoring sessions

  • 5x feedback sessions from Mentor Coaches

  • Final coaching recording assessment

  • Access to our Online Learning Environment (review slides, videos & resources)

  • Learn from your peer professionals through our mentoring process

  • Hands-on practice and live feedback from mentor coaches

  • 66 ICF accredited training hours 

  • Course Certification

$ 4,997.-

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