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How To Become Professionally Tenacious, Charismatic and Trustworthy

So people listen to you, buy from you, and promote you whenever you let them

The Art of Influence and Executive Presence

An Online, Instructor-Led Training Program With Live Coaching + Feedback

Let Me Ask You:

  • Do you know why tall men with deeper voices statistically tend to have more prestigious careers? 

  • Why does assertiveness get you promotions faster than intelligence or technical acumen? 

  • And why is earning respect 100X more important than being liked in a corporate atmosphere? 

When we lead with power and confidence, we’re revered by everyone around us... leading to promotions, respect, positive attitudes, and an infectious sense that you are trustworthy, skilled, and worth listening to.  
It’s primal. 
Wired into our evolutionary DNA.  
You can take the human out of the hunting/gathering social ecosystem of the African savannah... 
But you can’t take the savannah out of the human. 
There are certain leadership and personality traits that will ALWAYS pay off, whether it’s ancient Rome or modern New York: 
It’s a vibe, and it’s a necessary ingredient in becoming a true executive.

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This Course is made for:

Managers who realise that traditional command-and- control approach is not working .

Leaders who are looking for better ways to motivate their team.

Traditional managers and executives who want to sharpen their game.
Managers and senior leaders from global and local organizations.
Entrepreneurs and business owners.
People who are passionate about personal development, success of others and building a coaching culture.

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What YOU can do after this course

  • Choose when to coach and when to mentor.

  • Create the right type of Coaching Model by observing coaching from experienced coaches.

  • Master the coaching core competencies.

  • Apply skills learned in the course to help your people reach their personal best in their roles.

  • Use the right way to deal with “Just tell me what to do” situations when people come to you to give answers. Stop robbing your people from opportunities to learn and to grow.

  • Get out of “knowingness” and support teams in finding their own answers.

  • Design strategy to coach under time pressure and deadlines.

  • Further heighten your awareness even if you think you have exhausted all options.

  • Enhance your listening skills (even if you think you’re already a good listener).

Trained and Coached professionals at:

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The Art of Influence and Executive Presence Course: Clients
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Key elements of the programme

12 weeks program

A personal intake interview

9x fully Live 3-hours online classroom sessions

4x Live Triad Mentoring with instant feedback

2x one-to-one Personal Mentoring sessions

Access to our Online Learning Environment (review slides, videos & resources)

Learn from your peer professionals through our mentoring process

Here's Exactly What You'll Be Learning

Module 1: The Power of Presence

The difference between the thinking self, feeling self, and energetic self 

The “Three V’s” of having an executive presence 

The step-by-step process of enhancing your own presence 

Understanding how self-perception vs. the perception of others supports your development 

Leadership from within: types of awareness and how to increase them 

What the 12 Weeks look like!

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No prerequisites needed!

Come with some strong motivation and a desire to become a better version of yourself and a more effective leader to build teams, attract new talents, & retain them!

Join live and interactive online classroom sessions


Live Online Sessions

by Galina , PCC Coach

Classes will be directly broadcasted via Zoom. Our seamless learning environment gives you the flexibility to connect from anywhere you want.


Real-Time Interactive Classroom

Observe coaching from experienced coaches. Participants can easily ask questions in real-time. Practice in triads and get instant mentoring and feedback in peer-to-peer breakout rooms.

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Personal Mentoring Sessions

Privately one-on-one mentoring Zoom calls to augment your learning and enhance your awareness as a coaching manager.

What People Say

The Art of Influence and Executive Presence Course: Testimonials

I am really thankful towards Galina in enabling me to become a better coach for others. There were many humbling experiences within the course that changed my perspectives, especially emptying a coach’s pre-conceived mentality but focus on the ability in drawing out how coachee feels that drives their inner wants, eventually taking ownership and be accountable to those needed solutions and actions. It is very powerful tool in maintaining a curious and unknowing mind, not to be quick in jumping into a convenient solution that may not be the best outcome.
A Fantastic course to take !


Ready to take your career
to the next level!

This course is not for everyone. Be ready and willing for change. Limited seats available.


Become a Coaching Manager


  • 12 weeks program

  • A personal intake interview

  • 9x fully Live 3-hours online classroom sessions

  • 4x Live Triad Mentoring with instant feedback

  • 2x one-to-one Personal Mentoring sessions

  • Access to our Online Learning Environment (review slides, videos & resources)

  • Learn from your peer professionals through our mentoring process

  • Course Certificate

Start Your Journey!

Pick a Time and Date

Secure a place on this course by selecting the times that works best for you.

12 January - 30 March 2022

(Fully Booked)

9x live Sessions (Wednesday)

Class Times 9:00 am SGT (Singapore)

15 February  - 11 May 2022

(Fully Booked)

9x live Sessions (Wednesday)

Class Times 17:00 pm SGT (Singapore)

Class Times 10:00 am CET (Amsterdam)

23 April - 30 June 2022

9x Live Sessions (Thursday)

Class Times 17:00 pm SGT ( Singapore)

Class Times 10:00 am SET ( Amsterdam)

Get in Touch

Get in touch to find out if this course is a match for you and how it can help you achieve the skills you need to coach people in your work or company.

Great Hearing From You!

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Part of a company? Want to learn as a team? 

Reach out to learn about our team and business solutions.

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